About Us

There’s nothing more magical than feeling the right music and the right moment collide. Our emotions ignite and we feel completely connected. The song becomes seared into our memories and in the pictures of our mind’s eye, becoming a part of us, and of the stories we share.

This is why we built Moodsnap – to let you match music to your moment in the simplest way possible – in the way people naturally think and see the world – through images.

All us of on team Moodsnap share a common passion and insatiable thirst for music. It is the foundation for everyone to understand the optimal user experience because, at the end of the day, we are the users too. We are also a culturally diverse bunch, with a broad range of tastes, talents, perspectives, and cultural influences – differences that will continue to translate to an evolving product that mirrors the diversity of the world we all live in. By building a common culture around a common passion, it’s a basis for everyone to get on the same page, with the same energy, to make magical things happen.