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We have discontinued the free-to-use version of Moodsnap, and the app will be re-entering a period of restricted access, available only for Spotify Premium subscribers on iOS.

Much like when a band needs time to go back into the studio to record their next album, we need to do the same to build the future of Moodsnap.

While we wish we could keep our free service live for everyone during the interim, our operating costs to do so are simply too high. Our vision to deliver an artful and world-changing music discovery experience remains resolute, and we hope to bring you something fresh and new soon.

Thank you,

David Blutenthal
Founder & CEO

Image-Driven Music Discovery

Where a picture is worth a thousand songs.

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Do you have an image good enough to inspire a playlist?
Submit now by hashtagging on Instagram. You might get featured here on our homepage, or even better, in our app!

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Match music to your mood easier and faster

Simply tap an image that feels right
to hear music that feels right.

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Personalized Playback

The app learns your taste,
so you can enjoy more by doing less.

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Inspired to Contribute?

Contribute what songs you feel fits and become a tastemaker in the community.

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Moodsnap Features

  • listen to image-inspired music stations
  • contribute songs to stations
  • music personalized to taste 
  • share discoveries with your friends
  • unlimited song skips
  • on-demand listening features
  • favorited songs are mirrored in a Spotify playlist
Icon-spotify Spotify Premium is required to use the app at this time.

“...having a visual representation of music is a genius concept unlike any other music discovery app out in the market.”

~ Digital Trends

“Moodsnap oozes simplicity and a certain level of humanness.”

~ Sound of Boston

“Moodsnap is changing the way we find the perfect mixtape to a moment.”

~ Marmoset Music

“There's something about this program that makes mood setting effortless” – iTunes User Review

“A new and clever way to discover music.” – iTunes User Review

“I love curated playlists that are relevant to what I'm doing at the time, and this app is the best out there that I've found.” – iTunes User Review

“My new obsession and favorite music app!!!” – iTunes User Review